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Ending 2023 With a Personal Note

Shalom and blessings to you all!

It has been a while since I provided a personal update so thought to share all good things!

The past several months have been a blur with returning to work full-time, outside the home, and trying to keep up with responsibilities at home, pets, and personal care (I come last lol).  My health has continued to improve all around, and the only thing that bothers me is this stinking left foot! lol BUT – I can walk on it so I try not to complain about the perpetual numbness and simply give it what it seems to need to recover each day. I’m still tired but not anywhere nearly as exhausted as I used to be (some of this is the stage of life I am in, and I don’t get enough sleep Sun-Th). I have some weakness but I push through it with His help: when I desperately need more strength to get through the day, The Father comes with an endless supply.

I’ve come so far and was even blessed to be invited on a hike by a co-worker back in October. She was patient and offered to help with PupPup, who was as desperate as I was for an adventure. To say I was shocked at the ability I had to carry this out is an understatement. It was a glorious day and answered prayer. Being able to hike pretty much straight up a road on the side of a mountain ending at 6,400 ft and back down, with no real pain and only muscle aches in the days that followed, felt amazing!

The emotional healing has also continued as well. Grief from my mother’s death came in waves for months. On November 23rd, I finally spread her ashes and did so completely alone. The hike in October gave me the confidence needed to climb a giant sand dune during that trip and trust that I was plenty concerned about taking a hard tumble – but I tackled it and felt encouraged. There is a lot more detail in this regard but I am not sure if/when I’ll share it here – I guess when the time is right it will happen.

The company I work for is a huge blessing in so many ways that I simply cannot thank The Father enough for his constant provision over this past year `till now.

After such a long difficult road, I am grateful to say life is calm, peaceful, and good at my little house. After everything that occurred this past year, my heart for The Father swells at how he has brought me to the other side of something so scary and intense as losing my health and use of my body the way I did – and Mom’s passing in the midst of it all. One of the things He has led me to work through is “who am I” now that I am only His daughter and how to live without all of the strife and burdens I’ve carried throughout my life. Trust me, it has been a huge adjustment albeit necessary and needed.

Well, that is it in a nutshell. I enjoyed our first actual snow where I live this past weekend; unfortunately, nothing stuck since it’s been winter-warm. The mountains have gotten lots of snow on the ground and if I were a bit more brave, I’d go play in it. Maybe (hopefully) soon!

Thank you for sticking with this little blog…I do hope to start reaching a broader audience again soon. (P.S. See notes below the image, please.)
Blessings and peace!

Some important notes for readers:
1) Going forward, any posts of a personal nature will be under password protection. To access them, you’ll need to sign up for a password (hopefully only once) and there will be a form to fill out. No info, or fake info, will equal no access.

2) I will soon begin to build a page and space where the many many photos I’ve taken over the years will live. I am hoping to sell the images for stock, memes, wall art, etc. It’s just something I have been both led and encouraged to do for the past several years, and am now ready.

3) I will be republishing my 2018 memoir, Bound by Seduction, Redeemed by Grace. It is a time-consuming project and I have little of that free, but I believe it’s time. I’m going to be self-publishing it and will provide more info when the time comes.
Following that, I will also offer a couple of volumes of poetry. Then, down the road the additional books I am currently (slowly) writing.
All will be available here on this website. I am not certain if I will create an ebook to upload to A-zon or iBooks…I need to see if it’s worth it or not (it’s frustrating to deal with them).

If you have questions about any of this, please contact me.


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