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Music to God’s Ears

I saw it written, or perhaps spoken, this past week that classical music (whether it be instrumental or chorale in nature) has an instant, soothing effect on one’s entire being.  This was not at all a new revelation as I have appreciated classical music, and personally understood this, since childhood.

The theory, however, proves itself to me over and over, in times such as: driving 4 hours in heavy traffic-when in a hurry, or on days such as today, when my hormones and mind are going 200mph, and I need them to calm down in order to function. This slight touch of chaos had me searching for a remedy:

  1. Chamomile and lavender tea-CHECK
  2. Administering a facial-CHECK
  3. Shutting myself away from other people and stimulants-CHECK

All of those items take time to work, unfortunately. Yet, as soon as I sat down to my laptop, filtered through iTunes and started my collection from  Choir of the Kings College, I immediately relaxed, from my mind down to my toes. “Ahhhh, thank you!” sighed my tired, over worked and overstimulated self, in relief! (Mostly my prefrontal cortex and amygdala.)

Why am I sharing this, you may wonder? Well, merely as a reminder that it can sometimes be the SIMPLEST thing, such as listening to classical works of art, or mediating on God’s word, that we need in life. I rather enjoy my perpetual, peaceful state, and know my body well enough to feed it, what IT needs!

So please, enjoy some amazing music…courtesy of Pachelbel. (Canon in D minor)


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