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Book Review: One of the Few by Jason B. Ladd

 A Marine Fighter Pilot’s Reconnaissance of the Christian Worldview


The title of this book, One of the Few, by Jason B. Ladd is pretty self-evident, as the story laid out in this tome is autobiographical, while outlining the life and struggle to find and accept faith in Jesus Christ, from a very intellectual perspective. Ladd folds Biblical truths into the scenarios described from childhood into adulthood, entering fatherhood and becoming a Marine Corps. Fighter Pilot, where not many hold true to any faith in God. Ladd is very honest about his struggle to accept Jesus and how becoming a husband and then a father, shaped what became utter Truth in his life.

One must emphasize the intellectual approach to seeking and understanding the who and what of Christianity. It makes for a read that is heavy and makes one dig deep to relate to Mr. Ladd, but it is not a bad thing by any means. (I was taught from the beginning of my own walk not to intellectualize scripture or God, because we cannot be more intelligent than The Creator, nor should be over analyze how He works). One of the Few is heavy with drawn out discourses on seeking and accepting that Jesus Christ is for real. But make no mistake, he is definitely making an argument for Christ.

Taken from page 108 of One of the Few

The writing and editing of this book are solid! This is always a plus. Ladd is very thorough down to every detail, his thoughts are well represented, however, I did feel (from an editing standpoint) there was a bit more info than necessary to make a point at times, which is why I stated above it is ‘heavy’. It is a bit difficult to read if you do not think on the same plane as Mr. Ladd or are trying to read it quickly (you cannot)…his explanations require some chewing on!

I learned a lot about the life and training of a fighter pilot and am grateful for his honesty in detailing that life and all one must endure to accomplish making this a career path. Ladd folds in “scenarios” where one’s faith could be used while training, while walking through trials in parenting and family life, and how his own perspective changed over time from basically an atheistic to a Christian worldview. He is candid about how he once viewed those who follow Jesus, to where he now sits in this view from an eternal perspective.

Taken from page 155 of One of the Few
Taken from page 155 of One of the Few

Having had a few friends who once believe only that yes, there is a God but Jesus (though probably was a real person) couldn’t possibly be divine, but have since come to have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior, I get the intellectual approach. It only prolongs the inevitable because it is not in our timing, rather God’s, that we come to this decision for Christ. I sense that Ladd did finally understand this. My one disappointment was what seemed to be a lack of passion for Christ, however this may simply be Mr. Ladd’s personality or (generations of) military training aloofness coming through.

If you would like to purchase One of the Few or learn more about Jason B. Ladd, please visit one of the links below:

Jason B. Ladd w/book One of the Few
Jason B. Ladd w/book One of the Few

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