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Bound by Seduction Redeemed by Grace: Positively Affecting Lives!

Bound by Seduction, Redeemed by Grace has been so well received! The book began to positively affect lives before it was even released, and continues to reach hearts! I have a few stories to share from readers that really moved me and helped me see God at work in people’s lives. I also have to find the irony in the first person God put before me who was immediately impacted by the book, and the first person to purchase a copy (from me directly), sharing the same name! haha 

About that immediate impact: God had obviously orchestrated a lot in the spiritual realm where this book is concerned. In particular, with a neighbor the Holy Spirit led me to gift a copy to before the book was released. God knew exactly what he was doing when he led me in this direction. When I handed her the book, her reaction merely by looking at the cover, was worth any discomfort I have ever felt in getting my testimony written and published. God will go to any length to reach that one lost sheep – he has shown me this so many times – in this case, it was my becoming acquainted with this woman over the past six months, finding commonalities and putting her on my heart to pray for over and over again. 

The Lord also knew what he was doing when he connected me with the artist of the book’s cover and flashing the red light on the piece featured on the book cover. It was the combination of the cover art and title that pretty much broke my neighbor at first glance. Her verbal response about took me to my knees on the spot, and under my breath I was praising the Lord, right then and there.  She is now slowly forming a relationship with God the Father and allowing Jesus to become “real.” I have been so blessed to minister to the heart of this gentle soul for a couple of months now and seeing hope restored. God is so good!   

I have told people that if this book only impacted one life enough to lead them to Christ, then my “job” is complete and I meant it – just knowing one person who did not know Jesus Christ before reading all He has done in my life, is receiving Him, is enough for me! But God doesn’t seem to be stopping there, thankfully!  


Same Name, Different Reaction

At the end of April I was honored to participate in our quarterly “Acts of Worship Service” as my church. I shared a bit of testimony, and how the Holy Spirit has led me to understand that worship is about giving the LORD everything we have in praise. That everything we do in life is to  be done unto the LORD, to honor and bring Him glory. Writing is an act of worship for me because I was lead years ago to do it for God’s glory alone. I had a copy of Bound by Seduction and my copy of Walking Through Fiery Trials on hand as the fruit of my worship.  

A dear sister came up to me after service and asked to buy a copy of the book, so I sold her the one I had on hand. A few weeks later, she posted a very kind remark about the book to Facebook, when I released the book publicly for sale(see image above). A few weeks ago, Sharon and I went to lunch after church and she gave me a deeper insight into the comment she posted. I won’t share here because it was a very private conversation, but for God to use my testimony to help her understand what  she eluded to, blew me away ! She is passing the book on to someone she believes will benefit it, and we are praying for the Lord to reach into that life and release chains of bondage! 


Being used to reach inmates

If you happen to be a long time reader of this blog, or have read my updates, you may be aware that my sister is incarcerated for possession and trafficking of heroin & meth. As unfortunate as this is, it has kept her alive and forced her to get clean, not only from heroin and meth but also cigarettes and Mountain Dew.  If she is delivered of nothing other than addiction while incarcerated, I’ll take it! Sorry, I digress. My sister has had the manuscript of Bound by Seduction since the Christmas of 2015. If I wrote this book for no one else, it was for her.  The thing is, she refused to read it. (She had me on this pedestal I never asked to be put on and didn’t want my past to jade her perspective of me.) 

I sent her a copy about a month ago, and she finally read it. I have no clue if it had any impact on her at all (she didn’t comment). But, it has peaked the interest of not only inmates but women who work at the jail, as well as her charge nurse. At present, one of her fellow inmates is reading the book and this woman shared with my sister how the story is “really speaking to her.” Praise Jesus! There is apparently a waiting list of girls waiting to read the book so I’m sending a second copy to my sister, one that can be left behind upon her release, so it can continue to minister to women in need of a touch from God for years to come. 

I have also invited anyone from the jail who wants to write to me, to do so. I don’t want them to feel alone, unloved, nor does the Lord! If I can be of use to Him in prisons, then I am beyond thrilled to be sent! 


This book is not for everyone, but can be used as a tool

As Sharon Howes stated, she has had much different life experience than my own.  But, thankfully, she didn’t give up on reading Bound by Seduction through to the end, despite not relating to my life. She instead had the spiritual inclination to allow how God has worked in my life, to be a tool for ministering to people in need of God’s love and grace.  

I absolutely know, and expected, that this book is not for “everyone” and that especially lifelong Christians who’ve walked the narrow path may not be compelled by the blatant truth of what people whom haven’t had that upbringing/Faith for life, go through, or what is sometimes takes for the LORD to win their hearts.  But again, having this type of knowledge and that God can win people who have ugly pasts is helpful (or even an ugly present)…nor can Christians deny that that sin resides in the body of Christ. It absolutely does! There are way too many people who put on a show, yet struggle greatly. My story can help you to understand why they often stay in the struggle, never completely relenting to the power of the Cross. 

I pray regardless of your past or present, if you choose to purchase (or are gifted with) Bound by Seduction, Redeemed by Grace you will read it through to the end.  I also encourage people who do read it to please reach out to me – I would be honored to hear from you, no matter your take away! 

Listen to Stacey’s Testimony “Giving God all our Worship” at Faith Christian Fellowship Church (April 2018) There are also short exerts from Bound by Seduction, Redeemed by Grace contained in therein.



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